Appliance repair in Sacramento CA, They keep your food fresh and your clothes clean, and they help you stay organized and efficient. However, they can also break down and require repair services. This is where Fix-it Rite comes in! Our skilled technicians provide effective repair services. We can fix your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer!


Refrigerators are an essential appliance that help keep food fresh and hygienic. They also play a key role in keeping beverages and water chilled.

A refrigerator has several layers that work together to keep food cold and prevent the growth of bacteria. These layers include the exterior cabinet and door, an inner cabinet or liner, the insulation inserted between them, the cooling system, and the refrigerant.

The outer cabinet and door are made of aluminum or steel, while the interior lining is usually polystyrene plastic. The insulation that fills the space between the interior and outer cabinets is usually made of fiber or foam.

Most modern fridges have a rubber gasket that keeps the door from sticking shut. These seals are susceptible to the accumulation of sticky stuff like jelly, so they need to be cleaned on a regular basis.


Dishwashers are an excellent way to save time and energy by eliminating the need to wash dishes by hand. They can also help to sanitize and disinfect your dishes, which is helpful for health-conscious people.

When a dishwasher starts, water enters the machine through an intake valve. It pools in a small basin at the bottom and is heated by heating elements.

Then, a pump propels the water up to the spray arms. It is sprayed against the dirty dishes to clean them.

During this cycle, food particles are either caught in a filter or chopped up into smaller pieces and disintegrated. Once the water has been sprayed, it will drip back down to the basin, where it will refill and continue the process.

Most dishwashers come with several features that can make the job easier and faster, including a soil sensor that adjusts the amount of water and wash time accordingly. Other options include half-load and speed-wash cycles that cut down on energy consumption and water use.

Washing Machines

Washing machines are an important part of any home. They help you to save time on laundry, while also leaving your clothes fresher and softer. However, they can be prone to malfunctions and need repairs from time to time.

In Sacramento CA, you can count on ProConnect to get your washing machine running smoothly again. Our specialized washer repair services are fast, affordable and reliable. We even provide upfront pricing to help you see what you’ll be paying before our pros start working.

We can repair any size or model of appliance, so you’re never stuck without an essential household appliance. If you need a new one, Rent-A-Center has a wide selection of name-brand options in all sizes and styles. From energy-efficient models to front load and top load options, we’re sure you’ll find a perfect fit for your space. You can even rent a washer and dryer set from us. The most cost-effective way to keep your laundry mess in check is with a new set from us!


Your dryer is one of the most essential appliances in your home. Without it, you’ll have to hang your clothes by hand until they’re dry.

A traditional dryer works by using an electric heat element or gas burner to draw room-temperature air in, which is then heated to increase the drying speed of your clothing. Depending on the model, you’ll have a few different cycle options and settings to choose from.

Many modern dryers now also feature digital displays that help you determine the type of cycle you’re running and how long it will take to dry your clothes. Some even offer self-diagnosis capabilities and troubleshooting guides to make the process a breeze.

If your dryer ever breaks down, you’ll need professional repair in Sacramento CA to get it back up and running. American Home Shield ProConnect can help find you a local, vetted repair professional who can come out to your home and fix it.