Make your loved ones feel special with this Crystal Keychain Heart engraved with a photo of you and them. This makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Sweetest Day, and more!

This crystal keychain is made from optic crystal and can be laser engraved with the name of your choice.


Keychains are small, often three-dimensional objects that are attached to a person’s keys. They can be made of plastic, metal, fabric, paper, or other materials. They are also often designed with extra features such as a flashlight or bottle opener.

They are also commonly used as souvenirs and advertising items for businesses, often in the form of a figurine or character. They can be found in retail stores and are typically priced between US$1 and $10.

Most keychains are shaped by a process known as die cutting, which involves using a tool called a die to shape the material into a specific shape. This is the most common process for making plastic products, including keychains.

A more sophisticated way to make keychains is by stamping them. This is a process similar to the medieval method of using a hammer and anvil to form metals into shapes, but it uses a much more durable material, such as stainless steel or iron.

These keychains are often used as promotional items by large national companies that may give them out to millions of customers or employees. They are usually printed with the businesses name and contact information, but can be decorated with a logo as well.

Keychains can be used to store many different kinds of information, such as passwords for websites and apps, user names for wireless accounts, credit card numbers, and more. They are stored in a folder that is encrypted, which means that only the person who created the keychain can access it and use the information.

They can also be used to store information about websites and other services, such as the website’s security code and authentication tokens that you might need to use in order to log in to the site. They are a great way to save time and keep all of your important information in one place.

When you open the Keychain Access app, you can see all of the keychains that are stored on your Mac. These include login and local items keychains, which are the ones that store passwords and usernames for apps and websites; secure notes keychains; and keys and certificates, which are the ones that store information such as credit cards or bank account numbers.

If you want to change the default passwords for any of these keychains, you can do so from within the Keychain Access app, by clicking on Preferences from the menu and then choosing Change Passwords. This will remove the default passwords from your keychains and reset them to a new set of passwords that are more secure.