Disposable Vape

Disposable vapes are a popular choice for new vapers due to their convenience, affordability, and variety of flavours. These devices are also available in a number of nicotine strength options and are reusable, which reduces electronic waste.

Rechargeable vapes can be more expensive upfront, but they offer long-term cost savings and allow for more customisation. They can come fully assembled or in module parts that you can mix and match for your ideal device.


Designed to maximize convenience, these devices come pre-charged and ready to use with a pre-filled pod of your choice. Our disposable vapes are made with high-strength salt nicotine that provides a smooth and satisfying experience.

Disposable pods are a great introduction to vaping for new users. They are small, easy-to-use devices that can be popped into place at the top of the device and activated by inhaling. They are also designed to last until the e-liquid or battery runs out, meaning no leftover e-liquid and no mess.

In this sample of participants who self-reported using disposable pod devices, fruit/candy, mint and menthol flavours were the most preferred e-liquid flavours. This is in line with results from previous studies, suggesting that consumers who have recently switched to vaping are more likely to favour these types of flavours compared to refillable pod or other device type users.3


Rechargeable disposable vapes have an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery and come prefilled with e-liquid. This allows them to be used immediately without needing to charge or refill them. They are also lightweight and portable, making them ideal for people on the go. They are available in a variety of puff counts and flavors, but they may cost more than a rechargeable vape pen in the long run.

The popularity of disposable e-cigarettes increased following the FDA’s decision to restrict fruit and candy flavors in reusable vaping systems, but exempt disposables. This research sought to understand how this trend was reflected on social media, using the popular Twitter platform. The study examined 1489 tweets that discussed disposable e-cigarettes. Commercial tweets dominated the dataset, and explicit techniques (e.g., product promotion and flavor promotion) were more common than implicit techniques (e.g., sales contact and interaction). Tweets from the US were more likely to use explicit techniques than those from non-US countries.


You may have heard the term “pods” before. Pods are containers in Kubernetes that schedule together and have network policies applied to them to control the ingress and egress of traffic to and from other pods within the same cluster. Pods can be used to run a variety of different types of applications. Network policies are what control connectivity amongst Pods in the same namespace based on an arbitrary combination of labels, IP ranges and ports.


Disposable vapes are a great choice for vapers who want to reduce their nicotine intake. They come in a wide variety of flavors and puff counts to suit any vaper’s needs. Ignite offers several sizes of disposable e-cigarettes, with a range from a small starter kit that provides 800+ puffs to the granddaddy of all disposable vape pens at 2,500+ puffs.

In February 2020, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) implemented an enforcement policy restricting the sale of cartridge-based flavored e-cigarettes, but disposable pods were exempt from this policy. In a sample of 276 vape shop customers, disposable pod users were younger than refillable pod and other device type users, and more likely to report using fruit/candy, mint, and menthol flavours. We used weighted logistic regression to estimate monthly time trends in the proportion of disposable pod users overall and for specific age groups. Twitter topics were manually coded, and distributions of these topics between the US group and non-US group were compared.